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Down the Neuse River


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Ten Things I (re)learned on the Cape Fear River

1) Round things roll. Round drybags roll downhill really well. Fishing drybags out of the river with a paddle first thing in the morning is no fun. 2) Portaging sort of sucks. It builds character though, I guess. 3) Portage wheels and carts are cool. I don't have a portage cart. 4) Feet are happier if warm. 5) So are hands. 6) Its good to just sit in the sun sometimes. 7) Canoes are easier to load and unload, but a kayak is better in the wind. 8) Pogies work better if not frozen solid. 9) I really, really hate when my tape recorder dies. 10) I'd spend the rest of my life doing these trips if I could.

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