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Kayak Funk

When you're sealed up for in a kayak for several days on end, bad things are going to happen. The cockpit of the 'yak becomes a chemistry lab from hell.

The combined fermentative effects of sandals, feet, mud, water, heat, sweat, and god-only-knows what else is enough to knock you down. All those individual smells combine into a sort of toxic cocktail suitable for neither man nor beast.

Sometimes I just cringe when I'm about to pop the sprayskirt off. Knowing the noxious gasses about to be released is enough to give anyone pause.

2 comments to Kayak Funk

  • jessica

    I have a question. My boyfriend and his brother are planning on going kayaking down the cape fear river. I was wondering how many days did it take you? They are starting in Sanford NC and plan on ening at the intercoastal. Please let me know so I can estimate how many days it would take them. Thank you so much.

  • Going from memory here, but I think it took me 9 days to get from Jordan Lake to Wilmington. I took the better part of one day off to write a newspaper article, and that trip was done in late October so there was alot less light to play with. Depending on the water level, I think 9 days is a pretty safe figure to start off with though.

    Have them give me a holler if they have any questions. It’s a fun trip, with a mix of white water, flat water, and tidal paddling.

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