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Cape Fear River Expedition Update

Things are really heating up for the Cape Fear River Expedition. I will be paddling 200 miles down the Cape Fear River, beginning November 1 from Jordan Lake in central North Carolina. Along the way I will be taking water quality samples and reporting results from the river. Podcasting in real time is also on the table as soon as we work o a few bugs. I'm also working with several science classes by giving class lectures on water quality in the Cape Fear Basin, interacting with students and teachers via email, and communicating throughout the trip about my experiences. If your group or class would like to participate in this unique experience, feel free to contact us. Sponsorship is beginning to come together as well. Great Outdoor Provision Company is again acting as lead sponsor, Astral Buoyancy is providing a personal floatation device, and Eagle Nest Outfitters is supplying me with a camping hammock and related hardware. My utmost appreciation goes out to these companies for their support.

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