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Cape Fear River Expedition: Just the facts, ma’am

I'm kind of a numbers dork, and while I'm paddling for ten hours a day, I have nothing to do besides figure out all manner of minutia concerning the trip. Here's the facts, and nothing but the facts, about the Cape Fear River Expedition. 1) 160,000: the approximate number of paddle strokes taken. 2) 6: number of cans of chicken consumed. 3) 10: days spent paddling. 4) 4: AA batteries used for the GPS and tape recorder. 5) 8: number of days between showers. 6) 7: Aleve painkillers taken. 7) 16' 5": length of the Hurricane Tracer sea kayak used. 8  ) 48: approximate number of energy bars consumed. 9) 1: number of capsizes. 10) 1: number of hydration bladders lost as a result of said capsize. 11) 190: miles paddled 12) 4.75: miles walked (roundtrip) to a convenience store in Riegelwood, NC to buy a newspaper with the election results. 13) 5: approximate number of square inches with poison ivy as a result of the trip. 14) 8'x10': size of my tarp to go over the hammock. 15) 6: Gatoraide bottles purchased during the trip. 16) 1/2: tubes of sunscreen used 17) 3: nights below freezing. 18) 2: pogies that work better when they're not frozen to the paddle. 19) 4,500: average number of calories burned daily. 20) 48: approximate number of bottle of water consumed. 21) 11: water quality samples taken 22). 1: exceedingly patient fiancée' that stayed at home while I paddled the river.

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