Cape Fear River Expedition

Cape Fear River Water Testing
The Cape Fear River is formed by the confluence of the Deep and Haw rivers in southeastern Lee County. The Cape Fear Basin (watershed) is the largest North Carolina, containing over 9,000 square miles. The watershed is under tremendous development pressure, with over 100 acres of forest and cropland lost each day.

As North Carolina's population continues to increase, the need for adequate protection of its water resources become more acute. Riparian zone restoration, land trusts, enforcement of environmental regulations, and sustainable development are all key components to providing clean water for generations to come.

John paddled nearly the entire Cape Fear River to raise awareness of water quality within the Cape Fear Basin. He began on November 1, 2006, and took 10 days to paddle the 180 miles to Wilmington, NC. A number of agencies and organizations were involved in this effort as well. If your group or media outlet would like more information, please feel free
to contact us for more information.

Cape Fear River Water Quality Issues

Education and Outreach

Wake County Department of Environmental Services donated a water quality meter for use during the journey. During his paddle, John tested several parameters (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc) and posted results from the river. He also worked with several middle school classes before, during, and after the trip via email and class discussions. While in Wilmington, he helped lead a Community paddling trip and gave a presentation at the Cape Fear River Watch office

We are available to talk to schools and organizations about water quality, the Cape Fear River, or our expedition down the Mississippi. If your class or program would like more information, please feel free to
contact us.

Groups involved in this Effort

Haw River Assembly

Cape Fear River Assembly

Cape Fear River Watch

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