Gift Ideas for Paddlers

Have a paddler on your Christmas list but don't know what to put in their stocking? Here's a list of things that will delight anyone who likes to canoe or kayak. All are under $25, so it won't break Santa's wallet!

Leatherman Micra: From minor boat repairs to cutting bagels, this little tool can do it all.

Bailing sponge: Sponges loose their effectiveness over time, not to mention they get awfully funky.

Fox 40 whistle: This thing is seriously loud! This needs to be in everybody's PFD.

McNett UV Tech: Often overlooked, but UV protection is important to keep boats from being damaged from the harsh treatment that boats are put through.

Mini rolls of duct tape: Duct tape holds the world together, and these little rolls fit in your pocket so there's never an excuse to leave it behind.

Clif Shot Bloks: These energy blocks work great to give a quick boost of energy when you need it most.

Cam straps: Straps are often ignored but should be inspected or replaced annually in order to safely carry canoes and kayaks.

GSI Lexan Wine Glasses: For after-paddle celebrations.

Lexan spoon: You can never have enough lexan spoons around. My spoons are always getting lost.

Croakies: People are always forgetting these until they get to the river. One capsize and your sunglasses are gone with out a pair of eyeglass retainers.

McNett MiraZyme Odor Eliminator: If your gear smells like something the dog rolled in, here's the cure. Sandals, wetsuits, and neoprene booties are some of the worst culprits.

Stream Machine Water Gun: Let's them be the biggest kid on the beach!

Penguin Sport Wash: This is an effective washing solution that works great on all outdoor gear.